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Upcoming & Recent Work

As Callie finished her senior year of college, she prepared a senior showcase consisting of two scenes and a monologue. In addition, Callie was cast in two short films: The Visitor, a drama with a sci-fi twist (dir. Collin Kerr) and Holy Sinners (dir. Isa Corrales). She dove into directing for the first time by working on an anti-war drama called Shock and Awe. This short play was constructed by John Lee Rudolph and premiered at Elon University. Finally, Callie assistant-directed Bertolt Brecht's The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui in Chicago this summer. Now, she is living happily in New York, bartending, taking classes, and eating amazing food. She is working with The Midwives, a Chicago-based artistic collective, and she can't wait for what's next.

Senior Showcase

Demo from "The Visitor"

Demo from "Holy Sinners"

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