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Callie Fabac is a passionate artist with a wide range of interests. She got her start in Kansas City-based community theatre at age 7 and then began acting professionally at age 14. She has her Acting BFA from Elon University, where she has studied anything from The Greeks to Clowning to Michael Chekhov. Since moving to New York City to continue her career, Callie continues to enjoy working in live theatre as well as film.

Offstage and out of class, Callie enjoys making coffee, drinking coffee, and eating Thai food. She loves having thoughtful, enthusiastic discussions on anything from political theory to sci-fi movies. And she hopes to employ her interests through other avenues, be it playwriting or devising. She is also extremely interested in pedagogy and would love to get her MFA and teach someday.


If you’re interested in connecting and collaborating with Callie, please reach out! She can’t wait to hear from you.

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